Monthly Archives: January 2015

Why Hello There

For any writer I think there is a moment when there is too much to say… at least, I want to believe that this is true. Otherwise, my most recent stint in writer’s block territory can just be dwindled down to laziness. It could all be a momentary belief that every single opinion or idea that I have is the greatest of all time but these thoughts come at me at all hours of the day and I couldn’t possibly write them all down in time. Of course, this is all because my mind is too great… obviously. In the end nothing gets documented and I feel ashamed of even dreaming of calling myself a writer one day.


Oh, the woes of being brilliant. Yes, brilliant and hopelessly lazy.


At this point in time you are probably wondering how any of this should interest you. Well, I could give you some kind of enlightened monologue about how reading any form of writing will enhance your view of the world and expand your knowledge to help you tackle your everyday mundane life or I can just tell you that it probably won’t. Like any other failed writer turned blogger or wannabe writer turned blogger or… let’s just say blogger, I feel the need to add yet another website in hopes that any other person in the world has the same views that I do. This will help me feel more productive and important in some way and, maybe, just a little less lazy. Call it the poor man’s therapy. If we never speak what is the point of having a voice?


This is my voice. A mild utterance into empty space or an annoying sound that you just can’t get out of your damn head. Call it a break in your day, a breath, during which you can forget about that asshole next to you that only needs to make one more peep for you to take out all your bottled up aggression on. I will be here for you to offer ten seconds of meaningless babble so that your sanity doesn’t rupture and spew despair and animosity all over your new pair of shoes.


Together, we will slowly bring the world to peace.


Or plot against any asshole that annoys the shit out of us. Either way, we will breathe easier.


Welcome to my empty, random, and jumbled up thought process. I hope you enjoy it here.


I sure don’t.