I Have An Idea (Or So I Thought)

Alright, kids. I want to take you on a journey through philosophy for a moment. A thought really, a concept born from an idea planted in my mind. An idea created from a movie, Inception. Of course this movie, which else? The film created through the idea of messing with the subconscious. The film that caused debate and catered to questioning reality. After watching this again I’ve taken notice to something. A big something, actually, that did not seem to get attention. Something that could be considered meaningless to some but I find it compelling on a certain level. This thought that has been planted in my subconscious comes from the “limbo” level of the dreams. The part in which these characters are at threat of being lost in. This level lasted for decades within the mind, possibly endless. The thought that occurred to me came from a line in the movie in which DiCaprio’s character states that, “…We’d become old souls thrown back into youth…”


To have an “old soul” is to say that you have experienced life in all of its forms. It means that you have lived not only the physical side of life but the intellectual, emotional, and environmental side as well. The title of “old soul” implies wisdom from actually living life through the most possible different experiences that one person can endure on their specific path. However, many factors take place here. To take in the emotional side there has to be at least one other person around to offer you interaction. You would need conflict, compromises, challenges, and love in any form. In the film, Cobb and his wife do offer each other this but to what extent? To live through an entire lifetime with a spouse promises a lasting marriage of each of these components. Alternately, since they are in “limbo”, they will lack in the environmental factors that can threaten certain aspects of any marriage that help to build a stronger bond between two human beings. For now, I will move on to my real concerns for a moment. I will come back to this, I promise.


The concept that I have trouble with is the other forms of life experiences that these two do not get a chance to live through. The first form is the intellectual side, which can only be experienced for so long when coming from a loved one. After a certain amount of time, due to a subconscious need to be a partner to your spouse, everyone will find themselves in agreement with the other person. I speak in general, of course. I am aware that there are always exceptions. Without a healthy amount of debate in life the amount of philosophical tendencies within each person begin to diminish thus creating a lull in the intellectual properties in the mind. If our thought process is not challenged on a regular basis we will lose the motivation to actually think. We strive through conflicts of interest with a need to prove our views. This will subside through decades of marriage because of the levels of support that this form of love takes on. You trust each other and you will begin to put all of your trust even in the views of the other person to the point of accepting some of their thoughts as your own. We fight for acceptance, even from ourselves, but if there already is acceptance then what is there left to fight?


The second form comes from the environmental side. It is the outer influences that drive us to ambition and success in anything that we do. The economy drives us to earn more money therefore pushing us to fight for promotions, insurance plans, and retirement benefits. A marriage becomes too easy if there are no outside influences to test the level of commitment. Temptations and financial hardships no longer exist, causing your ability to deal with those times to shrivel down to nonexistent. Part of committing yourself to someone else is incorporating another human being into your life. If your marriage is never tested then the first sign of trouble will cause everything you built with that person to fall apart. Therefore, your marriage will become unimportant within your subconscious causing you to submit to a mundane existence since there is no need to fight for anything anymore. Why fight when there is no need to? We learn how to defend ourselves from threats and we grow from experiencing both the beautiful and horrible parts in life. If you do not see these things and feel them then your soul will be as naïve as you were when you started out in “limbo”.


You could live an entire lifetime but if you spent it all locked in a box of your own creation then, chances are, you are still in the mindset of a child without logic or common sense. The thought that plagues me after watching Inception for what seems like the hundredth time is not the very end where we are left questioning his reality but his definition of becoming an “old soul” when the lack of environmental and intellectual properties within his dream prevents that from being the case. Given, if we actually could experience something like that it would justify us reacting the same way that Mal did in the film. Most of us are not advanced enough in our philosophical state to comprehend a fifty yearlong dream only to wake up back in reality. Or is this reality? See, I’ve already been stuck within this thought for too long. This idea is my new virus. Well, more of a cold really…


Where’s the Nyquil?


Anyway, I feel that I may have watched Inception too many times now to see the true meaning in it anymore. I have now planted this idea in your minds. Stew with it a while and get back to me. A lot of people have been telling me that I need to watch Lucy. Maybe I will move on to that one.


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