Who am I? Well… no one, really. I am of absolutely no significance to you whatsoever unless you want me to be. I am a person who has random (occasionally well articulated) thoughts and I have reached a point where I feel the need to join the masses and start a blog. The written word has been an obsession of mine for quite some time now. I have always enjoyed even the look of words, letters, and text since I was very young. I believe in the power and the control of each syllable within every word. Keeping that in mind I am also very opinionated. Sometimes without cause or reason but always with a sense of philosophical sarcasm to keep things interesting.

I say what is on my mind and, occasionally, with a blunt urgency. This means I enjoy using all kinds of words which includes the unfavorable ones so be prepared for anything to come up on this page. My sarcasm is my controller and I am joyfully it’s slave.

Join me in my randomness. Come back often. Never be fearful of starting, joining, and ending a conversation. Welcome.


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